NEW PRODUCT! Beautify Beauties Pedi Foot Electronic Foot File Callus Remover

n our efforts to introduce a line of premium beauty products aiming at helping the ever-busy office goers and alike to get the things done with ease, we have launched various products and are thankful to our loyal customers for the tremendous response received so far!

With growing enthusiasm, we are now launching first of its kind DIY Pedi Foot Electronic Pedicure Foot File to pamper your feet and give them some TLC, while you relax at home after a day’s hard work. Pedi Foot Electronic Pedicure Foot File is an innovative electronic device created to smooth, dry and hard skin on the feet giving salon style results from the comfort of your own home. It gently exfoliates the calloused skin leaving your radiant and healthier within less time.



While there are many pedicure tools are available in the market, our Pedi Foot Electronic Pedicure Foot File has many unique features that are meant for providing enhanced relaxation and protecting your tender feet. Its automatic battery operated motorized rollers with 360 degree spin enables you to quickly gain access to areas that are difficult to reach saving a lot of time. The special micro-mineral roller gently exfoliates the dead skin rather than scrapping through the layers. This sophisticated ergonomically shaped portable electronic device, runs on disposable batteries and detachable rollers that comes in concave and flat shapes.

The concave and flat shaped rollers can reach every nook and corner of the feet, helping them clean and exfoliate the dead skin. The cleaning of this equipment is quite simple. The detachable rollers are water resistant and can be easily rinsed through it with the aid of a cleaning brush that comes along with the kit.

We continue to invest a lot of time and large funds into research and development as well as to procure best materials to bring more innovative products to serve our trusted and quality oriented customers.  We hope you’ll enjoy the product and we’d love to hear your DIY pedicure stories, do share your experiences you had with Pedi Foot Electronic Pedicure Foot File with us.

Have happy feet!